5 Tips to Survive Your First Semester

By: Staff Writer

These quick tips will help you create good study habits and stay sane through your online learning experience.

5 Tips to Survive Your First Semester
  1. Be organized. Choose a PDA, online calendar, paper organizer etc. to keep track of assignments and stay on schedule.
  2. Create a quiet zone. When studying from home, there’s plenty to distract you. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can focus.
  3. Don’t procrastinate. Remember, you’re in school to learn. Manage your time and give yourself achievable deadlines so you don’t cram.
  4. Engage. Don’t be afraid to ask the instructor questions or get to know classmates via the online resources.
  5. Just relax. Whether you’re a high-school grad or a working adult with a new career path, the first semester is going to be different. Maintain a positive attitude and you’ll do fine.