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Choosing between schools is difficult in and of itself, but it becomes even harder when overly cheap online schools or inferior schools try to pass themselves off as legitimate and respectable. When you are making such an important educational decision, you want to have the most up-to-date and reliable information available. This is why has compiled a list of nationally and regionally accredited online schools for you to peruse. Another option you have is to select your area of study to compare schools. With, it is easy to find the best online schools that will bring you success.

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Abraham Lincoln University 16 Request Info >
Aden University 5 Request Info >
American InterContinental University 45 Request Info >
American InterContinental University 45 Request Info >
American Intercontinental University 46 Request Info >
Allen School of Health Sciences 1 Request Info >
Antonelli College 13 Request Info >
Antonelli College 13 Request Info >
Argosy University 25 Request Info >
Argosy University 20 Request Info >
Ashland University 8 Request Info >
Ashland University 8 Request Info >
Bantam Connect 1 Request Info >
Berkeley College 25 Request Info >
Brenau University 40 Request Info >
Brenau University 60 Request Info >
Broadview University 33 Request Info >
Broadview University 24 Request Info >
Brookline College 28 Request Info >
Brookline College 9 Request Info >
Brookline College 25 Request Info >
Bryan University 10 Request Info >
Central Christian College 5 Request Info >
Central Penn College 29 Request Info >
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology 31 Request Info >
Colorado Christian University 60 Request Info >
Colorado State University Global Campus 13 Request Info >
Columbia Southern University 71 Request Info >
Colorado Technical University 98 Request Info >
Colorado Technical University 96 Request Info >
Colorado Technical University 98 Request Info >
Dawn Career Institute 7 Request Info >
Daymar College 11 Request Info >
Daymar College 27 Request Info >
Daymar 13 Request Info >
Everest University Online 2 Request Info >
Everest University 3 Request Info >
Fremont College 7 Request Info >
Full Sail University 20 Request Info >
Grand Canyon University 168 Request Info >
Grand Canyon University 168 Request Info >
Grand Canyon University 166 Request Info >
Grantham University 33 Request Info >
Health Insurance Innovations 3 Request Info >
HealthRight Medicare Buyer 1 Request Info >
Herzing University 112 Request Info >
Independence University 23 Request Info >
Independence University 14 Request Info >
Judson University 11 Request Info >
Kaplan University 164 Request Info >
Keiser University 99 Request Info >
Keller Graduate School of Management 22 Request Info >
Laurus College 4 Request Info >
Liberty University 396 Request Info >
Lighthouse Quotes 3 Request Info >
Medical Careers Institute, College of Health Science of ECPI University 15 Request Info >
Mid-America Christian University 29 Request Info >
Mildred Elley 22 Request Info >
Miller-Motte College 31 Request Info >
Miller-Motte College 34 Request Info >
Miller-Motte Technical College 63 Request Info >
Minnesota School of Business 36 Request Info >
Mt. Sierra College 7 Request Info >
National Louis University 31 Request Info >
National Louis University 14 Request Info >
Northcentral University 160 Request Info >
NCU 160 Request Info >
Northwestern College 16 Request Info >
Our Lady of the Lake College 1 Request Info >
Pacific College 4 Request Info >
Pacific Oaks College 15 Request Info >
Pinnacle Career Institute 12 Request Info >
Post University 62 Request Info >
Saint Leo University Online 50 Request Info >
Saint Leo University 37 Request Info >
Simple Insurance 3 Request Info >
SJVC 33 Request Info >
South College 10 Request Info >
South University 28 Request Info >
South University 27 Request Info >
Southern New Hampshire University 37 Request Info >
Southwest Florida College 18 Request Info >
St. Bonaventure University 3 Request Info >
Sullivan University 41 Request Info >
Thomas More College 7 Request Info >
Ultimate Medical Academy 11 Request Info >
Ultimate Medical Academy 11 Request Info >
United States University 8 Request Info >
University College 12 Request Info >
University of Southern California School of Social Work 1 Request Info >
The University of Texas at San Antonio 1 Request Info >
Vatterott College 31 Request Info >
Virginia College 79 Request Info >
Vista College 14 Request Info >
Vista College 12 Request Info >
Washburn University 1 Request Info >
Western International University 23 Request Info >

The accreditation process ensures that the online degrees from these popular schools are recognized across the United States. Outside organizations evaluate the school based on several different standards and only grant accredited status to those that qualify.

In the United States, the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) both work to ensure that even the cheapest accredited online schools comply with all the necessary standards.

The U.S. government did not get involved in accreditation for education until the 1950s, after Korean War veterans returned home. With more people interested in education than ever before, the government took steps to ensure penalization for dubious schools. The Higher Education Act of 1965 helped pave the way towards a nationally recognized list of accrediting agencies. With this regularly updated list of top online schools, has assembled a list of the best campus and online schools available.

The 52 agencies on the federal list help make sure that this list of accredited online schools deliver the quality education and training they promise. This process only applies to higher education and does not pertain to primary or secondary schools.

If you want to find online schools that fit and are in the middle of searching out your online education options, then let us do the work for you. We filter through the various pricy and cheap online schools so that you can rest assured that the schools on this list are not only good enough, but respectable, trustworthy and distinguished. Whether you want to find online schools that offer vocational, technical or career expertise, can help get you on your way towards a brighter future.