Computer Science

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Computer Science

What is Computer Science?

If you enjoy math and science, are detailed oriented, and have a love for computers then perhaps an online degree in computer science will guide you down a path to a fulfilling career. Computer science is simply the study of computer technology, which includes development and programming of hardware and software, data computation, networking, program design, and more. Because there are numerous sub-fields in the computer science area of study there exist several online degree options and career opportunities.

Degrees in Computer Science

With the rapid change in technology and the demand for well-qualified computer science technicians in the information technology industry, many employers prefer at least a four-year bachelor’s degree in some sort of computer science or information technology field, although there are positions for those who receive 2-year degrees or specialized certification. However, as with most science based professions, the more experience and education you have in the computer science field, the greater opportunities for advanced job placement and earning potential there are. Because of the rapid rate at which technology grows, continuing education is also necessary to keep one’s skills up to date.

Job Opportunities in Computer Science

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the continuing need for advanced computer technologies in businesses and other organizations will create a demand for professionals in the computer science industry. Positions in software engineering, computer architecture, computer graphics, computer language programming, and database development are just a few of the jobs offered in this field. It is expected that the computer and information technology profession will see more growth than most occupations in the U.S. through the next several years. In 2004, the USDL reported annual earnings for computer science related jobs ranging from $49,000 upwards to $132,000.