In Demand College Degrees for 2019

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In Demand College Degrees for 2019

In Demand College Degrees for 2019

For college seniors on the verge of graduating and entering the job market, as well as for students earlier in their undergraduate careers, the question of what college majors are in demand in the job market is valuable information to have. This topic is not as simply as it might first appear, as there are a number of different factors that can be used to predict which college degrees will be most sought after by employers. Many calculations of the demand for particular college degrees rely on projected industry growth rates, regardless of the size of the industry, or online job posting degree requirements, despite the fact that 85% of jobs are acquired through networking rather than through the internet.

In order to avoid some of these common pitfalls, we innovatively combined two comprehensive data sources to determine the top college majors that employers are looking for in 2019. These college degrees are being clamored for by industries that will have over 100,000 job openings in the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and O*NET, a database sponsored by the US Department of Labor.

What Are The Best College Majors?


A degree in accounting will teach you how to manage the financial aspects of business, including the tax code, and requires strong math skills. If you have a college degree in accounting, you should have no problems finding work in 2019. According to the BLS, over 139,000 new jobs for accountants will be needed before 2026.

These new jobs reflect around a 10% growth in the industry, which is faster than average! These jobs pay pretty well too, as the median wages for accountants are $69,350 per year. Students with accounting degrees have other occupations to choose from as well, as both auditors and financial analysts often require accounting degrees and have bright occupational outlooks.

Computer science

Getting a degree in computer science requires good software coding skills, but students can take classes in anything from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity. A degree in computer science can land you a job in a number of occupations with bright growth outlooks, including information systems managers, web developers, and database administrators. The top occupation that’s looking for computer science majors is software developers, with fantastic projected job openings of 302,500 over the next decade. On top of the great job prospects, software developers earn a median wage of $103,560. Not bad at all!


Getting a degree in education is a solid choice that can lead to a teaching position educating children from kindergarten to high school. This degree involves taking classes in learning methods and human development, and many programs also allow college students to get hands-on teaching experience that counts towards their degree. Elementary school teaching jobs especially need college graduates with education degrees, as there are projected to be 112,800 new jobs opening up in the next few years. The median wage for elementary school teachers is $57,160, which is lower than some careers requiring a college degree. On the other hand, everywhere in the country will be hiring elementary school teachers, giving college graduates with education degrees a lot of flexibility in where to live.


A degree in marketing will teach you how to understand the dynamics and behaviors of consumers, as well as how to understand the economics of business. Graduating with a degree in marketing will lead to incredible job prospects in 2019, especially if you took some extra statistics classes.

The need for market research analyst positions is expected to grow much faster than average, with 138,300 new jobs becoming available with a median pay of $63,230 a year. The demand for marketing college degrees also comes from employers who are seeking to hire marketing managers, another occupation with a bright outlook for 2019 and beyond.

Business Administration

For people who can take on a variety of challenges and who don’t want to pigeonhole themselves in their careers, a degree in business administration is a good choice. These degrees prepare people for management positions across many industries and often require classes in marketing, communication, and math.

Because of the broad scope of this degree, business administration majors are in demand for a number of different occupations. Supervisors of office workers make $55,060 a year and there should be over 153,000 of these jobs available before 2026. For people looking for a higher salary, general and operations managers have a median salary of $100,410 and there are estimated to be an impressive 210,700 job openings in the coming years.


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