Network Security

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Online network security degrees from accredited universities and schools

Network Security

What is Network Security?

If you have ever been frustrated with computer viruses or worried about someone hacking into your computer and want to learn how to combat these acts then perhaps an online degree in network security will help guide you down a path to a fulfilling career. Network security refers to the measures taken to secure computer network infrastructures and the actions taken by network administrators to protect network accessible files and information from being compromised by unauthorized access. Network security administrators duties include putting up firewalls to prevent hackers from breaking into network systems, authenticating users for accessibility to networks, setting up anti-virus, worm, and trojan horse software programs, as well as implementing intrusion prevention systems (IPS).

Degrees in Network Security

In order to stay informed on evolving network security issues and network intrusion prevention systems, a bachelor’s degree in network security is required by most employers. For more advanced positions, a master’s degree is preferable. As with most computer related degrees, online education and training are vital in keeping up with new technology especially when it comes to the competition, in this case computer hackers and online thieves. Programs offered in this field include studies in computer networks and protocol, risk analysis, and the management of network intrusion and attacks.

Job Opportunities in Network Security

The need for highly qualified network security administrators is in high demand according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The computer age is in full swing and expanding everyday, which allows a more globalized and interconnected world to exist. However, the cost of these conveniences doesn’t come without a price. As businesses and organizations become more intertwined via networking, hackers become more educated in breaking into computer systems and stealing or corrupting important information. Therefore, the need for skilled network security administrators will continue to grow. Depending on the scope and size of a company, network administrators can expect variance in salary. The USDL reported average annual earnings of $71,650 to $118,330 in 2004 for professions in this field.