Online Bachelors Degree Programs

By: Staff Writer

For most successful careers, you should be prepared with at least a bachelor’s degree. It’s the most common level of education by far, and usually a program takes four years of college. Studies could take place on a sprawling campus of classro

Online Bachelors Degree Programs

While a traditional campus is an excellent environment to earn a degree, for some people it’s not the best option. And the online bachelor’s degree has become widely accepted, with more .

What will my studies be like?

The answer depends a lot on what you choose to do. Some programs are more academically rigorous, while others may spend more time in learning trade skills, and classes will be a mix of general education and specialized curriculums. You can choose a major in areas like Art and Design, Business, Criminal Justics and Legal, Healthcare, and Social Services. Most careers will ask for or require a bachelor’s degree, especially higher-ranked, higher paying ones.

Online education is continually being modernized to create greater convenience for students. You create your own schedule, and it’s totally flexible. As long as you set aside time at some point each day, or each week, you will be on track to graduating. You can interact with professors and classmates through social media, live chats, and often live video feeds. Instruction and coursework may occur through videos, websites, readings (from textbooks you may have to obtain, or online documents), regular assignments, testing, possible internship or work hours, and possible campus visits from time to time. Mobile apps have been developed as well, so you can get things done in the waiting room or while commuting to work by train or bus.

In order to complete an online bachelor’s degree program, you should be self-motivated, disciplined, and hardworking. Don’t expect online learning to be easier, or procrastinate. While you may be able to (and maybe need to) take plenty of time outside your studies, you’ll still have a workload similar to that of any college program.

A few online bachelors degree programs

Some of these offer 1-4 weeks of a trial course, so you can decide if it fits for you before enrolling as a full-time student.

  • Ashford University – very affordable, connect with class through app and social media, 99% of approved transfer credits accepted
  • Capella University – enroll in free mini-course beforehand; app allows you access to Course Dashboard, news, contacts, map, etc; offers many Bachelor of Science programs
  • Colorado Technical University – offers degrees in finance, management, information technology, social science, and more
  • DeVry University – 90 locations nationwide for online or campus classes; offering Business & Management, Engineering & Information Sciences, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, Media Arts
  • Everest University Online – recognized nationally; 24/7 technical support; faculty well trained and educated; courses last same length as on-campus classes
  • Grand Canyon University – evening degree programs are networking opportunities and small classes; offers programs in business, education, and general studies
  • Kaplan University – one of the widest selections–more than 170 degrees and programs; introductory 5-week period; mentoring programs
  • Southern New Hampshire University – a U.S. News and World Report Tier 1 university, awarded for its programs; 24/7 online and phone support, online access to library/databases
  • University of Phoenix – 217 campuses across most states; many programs in business, information technology, and human & social services
  • thousands of other programs are offered at various online colleges and universities

One warning: avoid diploma mills, or non-accredited programs that give you degrees of little worth to employers. Various agencies in the U.S. accredit online programs. Don’t assume an online program is valid because you’ve heard of it, or invalid because you haven’t.