Online Education: Is it Right for You?

By: Sophia Aniston

Pursuing an online education can be a great way to receive a degree amidst life's seemingly absence of time. Nevertheless, an online education should be obtained through accredited universities and colleges and approached with self discipline.

Online Education: Is it Right for You?

Online Learning May Not be for Everyone

Online learning can be a convenient way of getting your education, but it’s not for everybody. There are many things you need to consider before signing up for online education.

Points to Consider Regarding Online Education

First and foremost, you have to be extremely disciplined. You must dedicate the required amount of time and effort to your classes. In a traditional classroom, you have structure and you must be in class certain times and days. Online learning is a whole new ballgame. You have to decide for yourself how much time you need to put into the class to get your assignments completed on time. Not everyone can do this. Some people need that structure from the traditional classroom.

Additionally you must be able to learn from reading the material assigned. In an online course, you don’t have the luxury of a teacher or professor standing in front of you telling you what you’re learning. You simply must read the material and do the assignments. Again, this is a task easily accomplished for some people, but others need a live person explaining. Don’t fret too much about this though. Most online courses allow you to email your professor or other students to get help.

Also, it can be a financial burden. Some online institutions do not offer financial aid. Make sure to find out how much your education is going to cost before enrolling.

Look for an Accredited School

Make sure you’re enrolling in a reputable school. There are so many choices out there. I would recommend enrolling in a school you already know. Most colleges and universities now offer online learning (also called distance education). There are many other schools that are strictly online institutions. I have my reservations about these schools. Their classes may not be transferable and sometimes employers discredit degrees from these schools.

Personal Experience has been Satisfying

My experience with online learning has been successful thus far. I am currently enrolled at an accredited junior college. The online classrooms are very easy to navigate and everything is explained thoroughly. I am able to communicate with teachers, other students, and administrators easily and conveniently through email. This is my first semester in an online course and I was surprised at how user-friendly it really was. You don’t have to be a computer expert to take online classes; you just have to be incredibly self-disciplined.

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