Online Physics Degree

By: Staff Writer

If you’re a fan of studying the universe, fascinated by atoms, a math whiz, have hair like Einstein, or are just a really dedicated fan of the TV show The Big Bang Theory, you might be thinking about a degree in Physics.

Online Physics Degree

If you are like many students, you might not have the schedule, means, or access to a university with a good physics program. Well have no fear; a degree in physics can now be pursued from the comfort of your favorite spot on your living room couch!

There are a number of advantages to pursuing a physics degree online. One of the biggest advantages, of course, is convenience. Classes can be fit to your schedule, with course work being completed at your convenience. Online forums allow for interaction with classmates and professors so you don’t feel so cut off. It’s also quicker when it comes to sequential classes; you don’t have to wait until the next semester or the next time a class is offered to take it; classes are available when you need them without long breaks in between. This helps with information retention, as well!

When considering getting an online physics degree, there are a few things to keep in mind. Physics can be a bit of a tricky degree to complete online because of how difficult the math is. The good news is that many programs anticipate this and often have professors “on call” for students taking online classes. Working with classmates (through chat rooms and discussion boards or via phone or email) can also help. Lab work also can be a difficulty. While some lab work can be done through online simulations, you often need hands-on work in order to get a job. Despair not! Many online physics programs coordinate with affiliated institutions so the practical part of classes can be done in a regular classroom.

Here are a few more of the basics: Both theory and practice are taught in online programs, and you can work towards a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or a Doctoral degree. You’ll take classes like classical mechanics, modern physics, mathematics, and electricity and magnetism (and no, that last one is not about dating). A degree in physics can be a jumping-off point for a number of careers, including Astronomy, Oceanography, and Biophysics. It can also lead to jobs in medicine, law, and business. And if you’re one of the lucky ones, you might even be able to work on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland! Physicists are in high-demand, so this is definitely a degree worth pursuing!