Photography Schools Online

By: Staff Writer

One might wonder how students could take courses from photography schools online and learn what they need to know, since photography is so hands on. The answer is that students must find programs that require them to get out into the field on a frequent

Photography Schools Online

If students find schools that require more field time and less desk work, they will be right where they need to be to gain the education they need.

Why choose photography schools online over traditional photography schools?

The answer to this is simple, flexibility. Like most, if not all, other online programs, taking photography courses online allows students the flexibility of completing their classes and course work on their own schedules. Due to this, online photography courses are becoming more and more common and more popular. Online photography courses are especially appealing to those who don’t necessarily want to become full-time photographers, but would like to either sharpen up their photography skills or make photography a serious hobby.

One other advantage of taking photography classes online is that it may give students access to renowned photographers who they might not otherwise have access to. Many world renowned photographers live in locations that aren’t conducive for teaching or in areas with very high costs of living. Being able to access their work and expertise via an online course can be a great advantage to students studying photography.

What can students expect to learn at online photography schools?

Online photography schools offer certificates, as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in photography. You’ll learn everything from editing to enhancing photographs with digital effects. In order to do photography these days, students must be technically oriented. Gone are the days of sitting in the dark room trying to manipulate an image, since commercial photographers now use computers to do everything from editing photos to networking and advertising their businesses.

Some of the courses you can expect to take include:

  • Digital Photography
  • Photo Design and Concept
  • Advanced Photo Imagery
  • Fundamentals of Photography
  • Quality of Light
  • Visualization
  • Digital Printing
  • Location Lighting
  • Color Photography

What jobs are offered to people who have online photography degrees?

Photojournalism: Photojournalists collect, edit, and present news material in the form of images and photos in order to tell a news story. Important aspects to a photojournalist’s job include taking action shots, editing, maintaining equipment, and traveling with equipment.

While photojournalists are still needed, the field has slowed down since the demand for print media has gone down and the demand for electronic media has gone up.

Portrait Photography: Portrait photographers take photos of a person or group of people that display the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. They are usually self-employed, and they often times work out of a studio. While these photos may include someone taking a seat while you snap a picture, there are also many different other styles of portraits. They are only limited to their imagination.

Sports Photography: Sports photographers focus on action shots and capture the spirit and emotions of athletic events. They usually have to travel a lot since many of them are assigned to a particular team, much like beat writers are. Demand for this area of photography is on the rise thanks to online sports coverage, but it can be difficult to get your foot in the door.

Fashion Photography: Fashion photographers take photos which display clothing and other fashion items. Often times their work is for advertisements in magazines and billboards. It is a cut throat industry, so fashion photographers must be able to network well and be on top of their game (including knowing the fashion industry inside and out).

Other common jobs in photography include:

  • Photo Re-toucher
  • Advertising Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Photo Technician