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Online degrees and programs in information systems, information technology, programming, networking, technology management, software engineering and more from accredited schools and universities.


What is Technology?

The definition of “technology” is one that has many meanings and applications. In a fundamental way it can be referred to as the application of knowledge and science with the purpose of creating new ideas, tools, and techniques that make life more productive, convenient, and pleasant. From the simplicity of the wheel to the complexities of nuclear physics, it is nearly impossible to live day to day without technology having an impact on everything you do.

In today’s technologically dependent world, computers and information systems are arguably the most significant advancement to date. Computers govern our lives in countless ways; from traffic lights, email, and cell phones to online business transactions, medical treatments, and electronic forms of personal entertainment. With the speed and direction at which technology continues to grow, individuals with proficiency in technology related systems and its sub-fields will be essential in maintaining and improving the means by which technology guides and makes convenient each of our lives.

Degrees in Technology

The far-reaching scope of technology provides numerous educational and training opportunities. While some jobs only require certification in a specialized area of study, more complex jobs call for advanced degrees. In any case, the more education and experience you have in a respective field of study, the greater your chances for career placement and advancement.

The opportunities for an education in technology are no longer limited to brick and mortar colleges and universities. Related schools and programs can now be found anywhere there is an Internet connection, making it accessible to just about everyone.

An online degree in technology will give you the aptitude and training that are essential in the daily responsibilities of your desired career path. Whether you are new to the field or looking to advance your current situation, there is a degree program that will help aide you in making a good career choice. To understand what degree or program you should pursue it is important that you research within the field of study that most interests you and select an online school or university based upon proper accreditation and program placement to help you achieve these goals.

Job Opportunities in Technology

Careers in technology offer a myriad of positions in fields such as computer science, information systems, information technology, networking, programming, security, software engineering, and technology management. Even amidst the competitive nature of these fields, an education and degree will prove to most valuable in giving you the upper hand in edging out the competition. In fact, in the National Survey of Recent College Graduates in 2003, it was reported that individuals who pursue computer science or engineering degrees have greater chances of being employed full-time after graduation than those who don’t.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment in technology related fields will grow as fast as average if not more so than most occupations over the next several years. Annual salary earnings vary by position, education, and expertise but one who pursues a career in computer programming, for example, could expect to earn between $47,580 and $81,280 annually.