What to Consider Before Starting an Advanced Degree Program

By: Shah-Kapoor

Some simple but important things to consider before enrolling in an advanced degree program

What to Consider Before Starting an Advanced Degree Program

I am just finishing up a doctoral degree. If you plan to go back to school for a Master’s or a PhD – make sure you know what you are getting into.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will I get a job after the advanced degree?
  2. Do I plan to study full-time? In this case, am I okay with a drastic pay-cut?
  3. Will the advanced degree boost my career in a big way?
  4. Will my job pay me more, after the degree?
  5. Weigh options – Is a Master’s degree better than an MBA? What best leverages my position or skill-set?
  6. In which city is the University? How is the job market in that city/state?
  7. Will my current company sponsor my education?

After thoughts, after PhD:

  • More academic experience and less corporate experience. Have to work in a lower position, which I am over-qualified for. No matter what, I have to pay my dues
  • Not a big jump in the pay. MBA would have been more viable
  • Studied in Detroit – Jobs waning

Good Luck!

By Shah-Kapoor, a writer at Helium.com