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National Average, Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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20% growth by 2028, which is much faster than average

Earn a degree in international business from an accredited college

One of the best ways to prepare for a career in international business is through a college education. A Tutoring/Supplemental Education will help you develop entry level skills, general international business know how and the basic international business experience you need to start your career off right. You may also consider a Diploma in International Business to help you take your education and career to the next level. Please select international business school below.


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Why would I want an international business degree?

With new markets continuing to open across the planet and with the advancement of communications making the world a smaller place, international business is becoming much more mainstream than it ever was in the past. If you are adventurous, like to travel to foreign countries, and explore new markets and cultures, then you may want to strongly consider a degree in international business.

International business majors learn how to think globally about the business world. They also learn how to manage multinational businesses and turn local and national companies into international success stories.

Job Description

What does an international business person do?

People who are in international business do a variety of things to help companies expand their markets and/or productions into foreign countries. Most mid to large companies these days have some kind of international presence. International business people play a vital role in helping these companies maintain and expand that presence, because without it, it would be difficult for them to stay competitive in today’s market.

Some of the most common positions in international business include:

  • Foreign Market Analyst: Collects data and information on foreign markets, which is relied on to make decisions about a company’s decision on whether or not to expand or how to expand into a foreign market.
  • International Banker: They oversee operations of banks that have a presence overseas and make sure their banking environment is competitive and lending regulations are in line with local laws and regulations.
  • Senior Vice President: Many companies need leadership in their offices overseas. Senior vice presidents provide that leadership and are in charge of making sure that the overseas operations are up to company standards.
  • Business Strategy Consultant: Usually have expertise in a particular foreign market and offer strategies to companies on how to penetrate and grow in that market.
  • Finance Advisor: They work hand in hand with strategists to make sure that expanding into or staying in a foreign market is financially viable.


How much does an international business person make?

The median annual wage for market research analysts was $63,790 in May 2019. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $34,350, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $122,630.

Career Outlook

How popular are international business jobs?

With the increase of globalization, international jobs are more popular than ever. Due to the nature of the industry, exact data is difficult to track. With that said, there has been an increased demand for people in the international sector, and there aren’t enough qualified people to fill those positions, which makes the job outlook for this industry very good.

Career Path

How do I become an international business person?

You need some kind of formal education or special training in order to have the proper knowledge and skills for a position in international business. Getting a degree in international business would be a good way to get you jumpstarted in the industry. It would also be helpful to be able to speak a foreign language and have training in another area (finance, HR, engineering, etc.).

Salary and career outlook data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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